23 Different Types of Wallets: Choose The Right One

23 Different Types of Wallets Choose The Right One

Wallets are the safe home for your cash and considered as one of the most useful accessories carried by a man or woman.

They keep our essentials like passports, identification cards, travel passes, and club cards safe.

Wallets with a vast array of designs, materials, and styles are available. Choosing the right wallet is not easy. 

So, we have prepared this quick list containing different types of popular wallets. 

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23 Different types of men’s wallets explained

1. Slim Wallet

Among many other wallet designs available in the market, slim wallets have become very famous among men because of their simple design. 

A silicon band is equipped to secure the polycarbonate body that makes the wallets more compact. 

The storage of slim wallets can be an issue but they are great for securing items.

2. RFID Wallet

A very unique lining is used to design the RFID wallets to protect your debit or credit card's radio frequency identification chips so that the thieves can't scan the cards.

These wallets keep your cards safe from unauthorized scans and give you greater peace of mind. A number of people have their essentials stolen every day that adds huge pain and costs time and money. 

Using RFID wallets can protect you from that nightmare.

3. Bifold Wallet

Bifold wallets come with their simple design and allow you to access your cash and cards by just lifting the flap. These wallets are the most popular among modern wallets. 

The slim design of bifold wallets is the key selling point. They provide you the sitting comfort no matter how many cards are there.

So, if you're searching for a wallet that simply looks great, bifold wallets are for you.

4. Trifold Wallet

Tri-fold wallets are the variant of simple bifold wallets and allow you to house a lot of essentials in one space. The main difference with bifold wallets is they have two flaps that fold over.

The classical design of trifold wallets made them favored by men. They allow you to carry more essentials.

Remember- overstuffing can cause your trifold wallet bulge and can be uncomfortable when you sit for a long time. Regular cleaning is required for trifold wallets.

5. Belt Wallet

These wallets are actually belts equipped with a secret zippered compartment to house small documents like folded bills. 

These wallets have the same look and functionality as regular belts. The interesting fact is nobody will know that the belt you are wearing is a wallet. 

Belt wallets are both stylish and attractive. Putting things in and out is also easy with these special types of wallets.

If you use to ride a bike or go out shopping, this wallet can be a perfect solution.

6. ID Card Wallet

You'll need not worry about your necessary papers like driving licenses and other necessary ID cards if you have an ID card wallet.

These wallets are equipped with an ID card window, card, and banknote sections. So, using ID card wallets will make you know that your necessary papers are close to your hand.

Both men and women love to use them as they are compact, practical, and convenient.

7. Card Case Wallet

Card case wallets are used for only storing your cards like credit cards and ID cards. These wallets are very slim, compact, and sleek,

Some of the card case wallets are with money clips attached but the main purpose of the wallet is to hold your cards.

8. Zippered Wallet

Give your cash and other essentials an extra safety by using zippered wallets. They come with zip closure with leather zip pull to limit the risks of falling out or getting lost of your important items like coins, driving license, or cash.

The compact design and stylish look of this wallet made the type of wallet favored by women.

Zippered wallets come with a huge array of colors, sizes, and designs. Purchase one of these wallets if you're likely to lose essentials. 

9. Minimalist Wallet

The days of big, bulky wallets are over. Modern men like slim, lightweight, and easily accessible wallets.

In other words, minimalist wallets are a combination of money clips and credit cardholders. These wallets are being popular because of their versatility, and functionality.

Minimalist wallets are easy to put on your front pocket and they contain some hidden compartments to store important documents.

These wallets are considered the latest design among different types of wallets.

10. Cell Phone Wallet

Cell phone wallets are used to store your cellphone securely. You can also store your credit cards and other documents like driving licenses.

Cell phone covers are basically made of hard plastic or silicone to give absolute protection to your cellphone.

11. Passport Wallet

Passport wallets are essential when you go overseas. Keep your passport safe from losing or dropping off by using passport wallets.

Some of the passport wallets come with the waterproof feature.

12. Travel Wallet

If you're one of them who used to travel overseas for their job or business. Travel wallets can keep your travel documents safe and secure.

House your passports, credit cards, boarding cards, licenses, cash in these tall slim wallets.

A stylish magnetic button is equipped with the travel wallets to keep your necessary things safe and organized.

13. Denim Style Wallet

Other trendy wallets liked by modern men are the denim wallets. These wallets are not only a beautiful fabric but they are also strong and sturdy. 

Fabric wallets come with a wide array of colors. The most common type of denim wallet is indigo denim.

14. Large Wallet

Large wallets are also known as the long shaped wallets because of their design and internal compartments.

These wallets can hold various sizes of currencies. Keeping long shaped wallets in the inner pocket of your jacket is recommended.

15. Hipster Wallet

Hipster wallets are made of quality leather for men to keep secure all the essentials like cash, cards, receipts, etc.

Hipster wallets are for everyday use. If you’re a leather lover, purchase one of the hipster wallets.

16. Taxi Wallet

Are you one of the minimalists? Searching for a wallet for a night on the town or to bring on your next travel? A taxi wallet can be the best option for you.

These wallets can be fit in any small bag or in your pocket. 

The purpose of using these wallets is to carry the basic documents, not cash. 

17. Neck Wallet

Neck pouch is another name of neck wallets and is very useful when you go to travel. Wearing it like a gun holster provides absolute security and comfort.

As they are a little larger than any other wallets so you can house a lot more things. You can use neck wallets as a purse when you set out to your destination. 

The smooth material made them comfortable to wear.

18. Wrist Wallet

The design of wrist wallets is more amazing as they are strapped around your wrist instead of your pocket.

Wrist wallets are perfect for those who are set for hiking, walking, or any other physical activities. The purpose of wrist wallets is to store your keys, ID, music player, cellphone, and even cash.

The elastic loop easily adjusts the wallet with your wrist that helps to avoid slipping off. 

19. Front Pocket Wallets

Front pocket wallets can be housed in your front pocket. These wallets are equipped with the metal plate to make it easier to slip into the pocket and secure the things inside it.

20. Leg Wallet

Do you know what's the best thing of a leg wallet? Nobody will know it is there. Leg wallets can be worn either around your calf or on your lower leg. 

No doubt these wallets are a great house to hide your cash, ID card, or passport safely.

Leg wallets are designed to fit comfortably and securely. Zippered pockets let you organize necessary things beneath your pant. 

Leg wallets are ideal to keep your valuables secured from robbers.

21. Shoe Wallet

The most unique type of wallet is shoe wallets. They let you house items like keys and drives so that they don't bounce around. If you're ready to out to jog, these wallets are perfect to let you run hands-free. 

Most of the shoe wallets are equipped with loops to be tied around your lace that make the wallet sit on the front top of your shoe. 

These wallets will never make you feel uncomfortable.

22. Checkbook Wallet

If you are looking for a unique wallet that is able to stand out in a crowd. If you're an avid traveler and use to go to different places carrying credit cards, passports, or checkbooks.

When you go beyond the borders, checkbook wallets help you to house oft-sized foreign currencies.

Checkbook wallets remain flat and can be placed in your breast pocket.

23. Money Clip Wallet

Searching for a wallet that will keep your cards and cash organized? Money clip wallets can be the best option for you. 

They are designed slim to hold your essentials like ID cards and folded cash. There is a clip mounted to secure things. 

Money clip wallets are mostly liked by those men who want a wallet convenient, comfortable, and attractive as well.


Hopefully, you’ll find the right one from the different types of wallets we’ve discussed.

Choosing the best wallet depends on your personal preference, needs, and career. Leather wallets are more prone to last longer. So, choosing leather wallets are recommended.

Take proper care of your wallet by regularly cleaning them. Never store sharp materials in your wallet.



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