Different Types of Briefcases: Choose the Perfect One

Different Types of Briefcases Choose the Perfect One

One of the most common types of personal luggage is the briefcase used by the businessmen, executives, lawers to carry their important documents and files.

In the 14th century, briefcases were first discovered for carrying important papers.

Over the years it has met various modifications. In this article, we are going to discuss various types of briefcases. Scroll it down!

9 type of briefcases explained

1. Portfolio

The portfolio is a better option for portability. Your important files can be easily adjusted in it as it has a bigger space. You can carry portfolios under your arm.

A zippered main compartment with a handle has made the portfolios more portable. portfolios contain several slots for cards, calculators, notepads, devices, etc. 

Make your business trips more convenient with this type of briefcase.

2. Padfolio

Padfolios are the smallest and thinnest among other types to the businessmen. Make a great impression by enclosing the minimal amount of necessary papers. 

Unlike portfolios, padfolios don’t have any handle at the top of it that makes it much better portable. 

Padfolios are able to hold larger flat contents. If you are an executive or a CEO, padfolios can be the top pick for you.

It is possible to house a small laptop inside it too. They are designed to be held beneath the arm.

3. Alpine Swiss Briefcase

Alpine Swiss has started its journey to make premium quality wallets but recently they have started to dominate the briefcase industry.

If you're looking for functionality in style, you should consider the alpine swiss briefcases.

These briefcases are made of genuine leather and provide stability, durability, and a professional look. 

Store anything you want. A laptop and other devices can be carried securely in this briefcase. Other sections are designed to hold cards, USB, pens, papers, etc. 

Alpine swiss briefcases are ideal for both men and women.

4. Attachés

Attaches are the largest briefcase available and in most angular shapes. They have a traditional design with two big compartments. 

You can easily house a laptop and a good number of documents.

Attaches are suitable for professionals who are looking for versatility in their careers. They are famous for business personnel who use to go cross border meetings.

5. Messenger Bags

The most casual version of briefcases. A strap over the shoulder provides more portability and versatility.

This type is specially designed for those who used to travel a lot for their business purpose. The padded internal area allows you to carry gadgets. Waterproof technology provides secured carrying.

The messenger bags are usually made of cloth or synthetic leather.

Looking for a cool, functional, and stylish briefcase? purchase messenger bags.

6. Rolling Briefcase

Like traditional briefcases, rolling briefcases have a long handle and wheels. A hard outer cover is equipped to keep your laptop and other devices safe. 

Unlike travel bags, the rolling briefcases are still small enough to be carried inside the conference room.

Rolling briefcases are popular among the students and the individuals who demand maneuverability with the portability.

7. Wearable Briefcase

Wearable backpacks can be worn like a backpack. This type of briefcase is designed for those who used to travel frequently. Pack it, wear it, and you’re all set.

This type is popular for those who used to commute to work regularly or love to visit places during a trip.

Wearable briefcases are also great to securely store your important stuff.

8. Leather Briefcase

No doubt leather the classy material choice of a briefcase. If you understand the leather quality and ensure a durable one, it can last for a lifetime.

There are many colors of leather briefcase available. If you're in traditional career and like to wear suits daily, black leathers can be the sleek option for you.

Looking for a versatile briefcase? Choose a chocolate brown briefcase.

9. Catalog Case

Catalog cases are ideal for carrying product samples, folders, and others usually used by the road representatives. 

Carrying presentation materials is convenient for this type of case.

Better organization is possible with the zipped folders equipped with the case. Some of the catalog cases have handles for easy transport over a long distance.


Choosing the best briefcase depends on two crucial factors: career and personal choice. 

Hopefully, this article will help you to know the suitable one based on your needs. 

Remember- the briefcase you’re spending dollars for must be fit your personal aesthetic because it will be your lifetime investment.

We recommend you avoid cheap and stylish briefcases.


What's the difference between a briefcase and an attachment?

The main difference between an attache and a briefcase is an attache is a thin and small type of briefcase used for carrying documents and laptops. It can be opened in two compartments. 

On the other hand, briefcases are used for the same purpose but can be opened into one compartment.

What are briefcases used for?

Briefcases are used for carrying important documents, papers, and laptops. One may carry sample products or presentation accessories. 

Devices, USB, pens, folders can also be transported using a briefcase.

Are attache cases out of style?

No! Attaches are still popular with those professionals who used to go to overseas meetings. A laptop and a good number of other things can be carried easily with attaches. They can never be out of style because of its versatility.

How to choose a briefcase?

Choose a briefcase according to the purpose you want to have one. As briefcases are the lifetime investment, a durable and classy briefcase is recommended. 

Consider your career and personal choice when choosing one.



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