Different Types of Security System Explained

Different Types of Security System Explained

In today's world, installing a security system is essential, not just a good idea. A great security system will provide you confidence in heading out to work in the morning and sleeping in peace at night. It's peace to know that your property and family are safe.

There are various types of security systems available. Which one do you need to choose? If you're confused about choosing one, this article is for you. Just scroll it down.

Different types of security system explained

1. Unmonitored System

Unmonitored systems are more affordable than any other security system because you don't have to pay the monitoring fees. 

A loud siren in both inside and outside is equipped with the system. When you're not at home, the outside siren informs the neighbors nearby to call the police station. 

Sometimes flashing lights are also be installed to the system so that people determine where the sounds coming from.

The only disadvantage of this system is it relies on your neighbors to hear it and to call the police.

2. Monitored System

Monitored systems are the most common security system that is connected to a call center. If the alarm triggers, the call center will contact the police. 

The disadvantage of this system is it is connected to the outdoor phone line. Expert burglars will cut them off before they break-in. 

You can connect a cellphone or radio as an alternative. Monitored systems are more expensive than any other type.

3. Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless systems are similar to the wired systems without having the wires. They are easy to install and can be found in the local stores.

You won't need to pay any monitoring fees for it and cad change its settings like cameras, sensors, or motion detectors according to you.

When the motion detector or a sensor goes off, it notifies the authorities.  

4. Local Alarms

The most basic alarm type you can get is a local alarm system. Local alarm systems are unmonitored and come with sensors. Motion sensors can also be equipped with local alarms.

The sensors have two different parts like wired and wireless systems but they are not connected to a control panel.

You can place these sensors anywhere you want. The alarm sounds when the circuit is broken. The sensor itself provides the sound. 

5. Wired Alarm Systems

For a number of years, the popular traditional system is the wired alarm system. These systems are one step ahead of the local alarms.

Along with motion detectors and sensors, this system includes a control panel. 

The cameras are also wired in these systems. The alarm sounds when something or someone trips it. 

This system is ideal for your home and business. The monitoring company can contact you in case of an emergency like emergency services. 

The disadvantage of this system is its hard installation process. You’ll have to call a professional to do it.

6. Smoke Alarm System

Protect yourself from fire and smoke in the house or business with the renowned smoke alarm system. 

A series of smoke detectors (wireless or hardwired) is equipped with this system. You can make the system more functional by installing a full-fledged fire alarm system equipped with a heat detector.

7. Electric Current Home Alarm

Like other alarm systems, electric current home alarms have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

This system monitors your doors and windows and if they are opened, the system sends a small beep. This system is really effective for your security and also for your children who want to open doors and windows

 The bad side of the system is it can interfere with outside electrical currents and can be operated erratically.


Among these various types of security systems, choose the suitable one for your home or business to stay secure.

Consider the size of your home or business and your budget before choosing a system. 

Our suggestion is to choose a wireless system.


Can I move with my alarm system?

Of course! Whether you're living in a house or apartment, moving is common. You can take your security systems with you. All you need is to pay extra for that. Using self-installed and cheap systems is recommended if you move frequently.

What’s the Best Type of Security System for Your Business?

If you're searching for a security system for your business, both ADT and Vivint can be the best choice. No matter what is the size of your business.

Is smart home equipment necessary?

Smart home equipment is not mandatory but they can enhance the automation of your home. This equipment is not expensive anymore. So it's not a bad idea to add smart home equipment to your home security system. 

What’s the Best Type of Security System for Your Apartment?

If you're looking for an unmonitored security system for your rented apartment, Brinks and SimpliSafe are the best choices for you. You can also install Frontpoint yourself.

How are landline, broadband, and cellular alarm systems different?

Landline security systems are easy to temper because they link with your home phone connection.

Broadband security systems are connected to a professional call center via your home's broadband connection. this is a little safer but it goes out as your wifi does.

Cellular services are expensive because you'll have to pay a professional monitoring system.



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