Different Types of Watches: Know Before You Buy

Different Types of Watches: Know Before You Buy

A watch is not only a timepiece to be worn or carried but it also enhances the personality and conveys your taste and humor.

Deciding to purchase a watch is more complicated than it seems. Various types of watches can make your simple decision difficult from the start. All these watches are designed for different lifestyles, uses, and careers.

Here, we have made your decision-making process easier by explaining a complete buying guide of different kinds of watches available. 

Just scroll down and find the right type for yourself.

Types of watches based on Style

1. Casual Watches

Casual watches are designed to wear with a casual outfit because they are considered to be less formal. Casual watches are made of metal bends that are not enough formal like leather bands.

2. Fashion Watches

If a manufacturer doesn’t make the majority of its sales on watches in a year and puts their significant thoughts on design, are called the fashion watches.

Fossil, Armani, Gucci, Ralph Lauren are examples of fashion watches that they don't execute their annual sales not only on watches.

3. Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are famous for those who have a passion for watch collection and like handcrafted complications in a watch. Expensive materials like precious gemstones are encased in this type of watches.

4. Dress Watches

Dress watches are designed to pair with your formal attributes like business suits and dinner jackets, not to wear with jeans and a t-shirt or at the gym.

Dress watches should be simple but elegant because the only purpose is to tell the time.

Types of watches based on Display

1. Digital Watches

When the hours, minutes, and sometimes the seconds are indicated by digits in a watch is called the digital watch.

Digital watches are popular with the sportsmen because digital watches are equipped with alarm and stopwatch features.

2. Analog Watches

Analog watches come with a miniature clock face containing an hour hand and a minute hand. Some analog watches come with a second hand too. 

Analog watches are available with traditional and Roman numerals. 60 marks represent the minutes.

The hour hand is the shortest and the second hand is the thinnest in the dial.

3. Touchscreen Watches

Touchscreen watches are another form of smartwatches. You can change the functions by touching on its screen.

Touchscreen watches allow you to track your fitness through various sensors and apps.

4. Hybrid Watches

Hybrid watches are the smartwatches. They are called hybrid because they look like traditional watches but have functionalities like a smartwatch.

Hybrid watches use hands instead of touch screens to notify your phone.

5. Tactile Watches

Tactile watches are designed for people who have vision difficulties. Its innovative design lets the user feel the watch’s hands to determine the hours and minutes based on the positions of the hands.

Types of watches based on Power Source

1. Solar Watches

Solar-powered watches are powered partly or entirely by solar. they convert light energy into electrical energy and store it in a rechargeable battery that helps move the hands.

This type of watch demands less maintenance. A solar watch lasts forever and its power-reserve capacity allows it to continue to work in darkness. 

2. Quartz Watches

Quartz watches use a quartz crystal instead of using precision mechanisms for keeping time.

An electric current is sent through the crystal that makes it pulsate. A small motor where a circuit translates the vibration frequency generates the power to the hands.

Quartz watches are famous because of their accuracy but they require changing of battery after a certain period of time.

3. Smartwatch Watches

Smartwatches are being popular among the young generation nowadays. These are portable devices designed to be worn like traditional watches. 

Similar to smartphones, smartwatches have a touch screen and supported apps. Modern smartwatches feature heart rate detector and other fitness measurements.

Types of watches based on Functionality

1. Dive Watches

Dive watches are specially designed with up to 330ft water resistance and used for underwater diving. The average diving watches are water-resistant up to 980ft through modern dive watches are designed to go much deeper.

2. Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are also known as a stopwatch. start or stop the side button of the watch to start or stop the stopwatch and the bottom button resets it back to zero.

The uses of chronograph watches are events and time races.

3. GMT Watches

GMT watches come with a 24-hour format hand to indicate a second time-zone. These watches are both modern and functional and are compatible with any kind of wearer from an office worker to an active outdoorsman. 

If you're one of them who are always on to go, a GMT watch should have in your collection.

4. Calendar and Moonphase Watches

Moonphase watches exhibit the current moonphase to relay the 29.5-day lunar cycle in an aperture. 

They take a graphical approach to show the moon inside a crescent-shaped aperture. 

You'll have to adjust once every three years manually and they are consistently accurate.

5. Pilot Watches

Another name of the pilot watch is the aviator watch. Pilot watches offer the ideal fusion of style and long-lasting durability. These timepieces are designed to grace the pilot’s wrist and are tough enough. 

The highly legible open dial with prominent high contrast hands and Arabic numerals and indexes are the core characteristics of pilot watches. 

Tracking local time and the destination time is easy with this type of watch.

6. Field Watches

Field watches are rugged, stylish, and functionally designed to evince military vibes for the officers who are engaged in coordinating attacks, tell time at night.

Field watches are made for outdoor and for battle. Wear this type of watch for sharp styling, hikes, rain, snow, mud, and anywhere you want. 

Military watch in your arsenal means more style and versatility

Types of watches based on the movement

1. Mechanical Automatic Watches

Measure the passage of time with a mechanical watch. It uses a mechanism to do so instead of electronics. 

A periodically wounded mainspring makes the ticking sound in this type of watch used by men.

2. Kinetic Watches

Kinetic watches also use a self-winding movement similar to automatic and a quartz timekeeping mechanism is equipped with the watches. A high-frequency vibration runs the gears at a constant rate. And the energy is transferred by a capacitor. 

3. Spring Drive Watches

Spring drive is a combination of a mechanical watch's high precious integrated circuit and the high torque of a mechanical watch. 

The gears are moved forward in just one second.


Hopefully, this article covers almost all the types of watches available to make your decision easy on choosing the right one according to your needs.

There are huge brands manufacturing these watches for both men and women. Consider your personal preferences before spending dollars on it.



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