Wearing a Scarf the Right Ways - 19 Easy Methods for the Fashionistas

how to wear a scarf

Scarves are generally worn around the neck for warmth in winter and to protect one’s head from the sun during summer. But they also have a trending demand as fashion accessories as they can make a fashion statement with your summer or winter outfit, especially with jeans. 

Here we will show you how to wear a scarf in several easy but fashionable styles for both men and women.

How to Wear a Scarf

1. Belted Drape

This is the best way to highlight a belt underneath your coat.

Step 1: Allow the ends of a blanket scarf to hang in front after you have draped it over the neck.

Step 2: Wear the belt around your waist to lock the free scarf ends. 


2. The Pretzel

Step 1: Fold a rectangular scarfonce or twice widthwise to make it skinner.

Step 2: Now lengthwise fold it into halves and place around your neck.

Step 3: Pull the top end of the scarf through the loop.

Step 4: Pass the bottom end to the opposite side across the loop.


3. Toss

Step 1: Place the scarf around your neck evenly.

Step 2: Toss any one of the ends over the counter side shoulder.


4. Reverse Drape

Step 1: Hang the scarf evenly from the neck.

Step 2: Toss one end of the scarf over the opposite shoulder.

Step 3: Do the same with the other end too.


5. Simple Front Tie

Step 1: Drape your multi-purpose scarf around your neck evenly and let the two ends hang.

Step 2: Now make a cross with them and tie a knot in the middle. Adjust the height of the knot as per your comfort and position one layer beneath another to fluff.


6. Front Tie

Step 1: Take a triangular scarf and fold from the larger side two or three times to create skinner tails.

Step 2: Place the scarf over your neck and let the two tails hang in front.

Step 3: Create an overhand knot with one tail and then feed another tail into the loop. Tighten the knot and balance its placement with the length of the tails.


7. Cardigan

Step 1: Take a square scarf and fold in half. This will form a rectangular shape.

Step 2: Now tie the two corners of any smaller sides. A pair of similar loops will be generated. Spread out and wear it like a cardigan letting your arms pass through the two holes.


8. Tucked-In Basic Loop

Step 1: Drape a short scarf around your neck unevenly. The short end needs to be limited only to the chest area.

Step 2: Wrap the longer end once or twice around your neck and let it hang.

Step 3: Tuck the two ends under the loop after you have crossed them.


9. The Basic Loop

The basic loop is so easy to wear! It is classic and good looking too.

Step 1: Drape the scarf around your neck unevenly limiting the short end to the chest area.

Step 2: Just let the longer end hang after you have looped it around the neck twice.


10. Knotted Basic Loop

Step 1: Take a short scarf and hang it unevenly from your neck. The length of the short end should not be longer than the chest area.

Step 2: Wrap the longer end twice around the neck.

Step 3: Bring the two ends together near one shoulder and make an off-center half knot.

Step 4: Now you can toss the bigger end over the back letting the smaller end stay toward the front side. However, this part is completely optional that depends on your wish.


11. The Faux Infinity

In order to keep a blanket scarf limited to the neck so it doesn’t cover too much of your outfit, you can double the loop like an infinity.

Step 1: Tie the two opposite corners together to make a big loop and swing the scarf over your head.

Step 2: Create another loop using the knot and wrap it around the neck once with the joint at your backside to give the infinity shape.


12. Head Scarf

Step 1: Drape a scarf over your head spreading it out and tie a simple knot at the back.

Step 2: Bring an end in front across one of your shoulders.

Step 3: Throw the other end across another shoulder.


13. The Wrap

You can also treat the scarf as a shawl. This is the easiest way to style a scarf.

Spread out the scarf and wrap it evenly covering your shoulders and arms.


Drape a soft shawlunevenly around the shoulders and toss the long end over the opposite shoulder, hiding the shorter end underneath.


14. Wrap Without Tails

Step 1: Drape the scarf around both shoulders evenly spreading the fabric out.

Step 2: Take the two ends of that scarf behind, allowing them to wrap the respective arms of their sides. Tie the corners securely at the back.


15. The Boyfriend Tie

Step 1: Fold a scarf widthwise multiple times and make it skinner as a necktie. Place it around the neck unevenly. The long portion will be used to create a knot around the short one.

Step 2: Place the long end behind the short end first, make a full round, and stop again at the starting point.

Step 3: Now pull the long end through the loop it just created to form a necktie-like knot. Tighten and push up the knot to fix like a necktie.

How to Wear a Scarf for Men?

1. The French or European or Parisian Knot

You need to take a long and thin scarf for this style. Bulky scarves will make the knot appear too fat.


Step 1: Fold a scarf in half to create a loop at one side and put it behind the neck, bringing both ends in front.

Step 2: Feed the loose ends into the loop and pull. You can also tuck the ends inside your coat.


2. Overhand Knot (or Ascot)

Medium-length bulky scarves will work for this kind of knot.


Step 1: Lay the scarf over your shoulders and let the ends hang.

Step 2: Tie an over and under knot with the two loose ends. Tighten the knot closer to the neck according to your choice and smooth out the front a bit.

3. The Fake Knot

This style looks best with a scarf with patterns or a thicker weave.

Step 1: Lay the scarf around the neck unevenly. One end should be roughly two times longer than the other.

Step 2: Take the shorter portion and tie an overhand knot loosely at the end. Near the edge, spare about 12-18 inches of fabric.

Step 3: Slip the longer end through the loop, tug the knot, and adjust its length as you desire.

4. The Once Round

Though this way to wear scarves looks the simplest, the function is quite good.

Step 1: Place the scarf around your neck, leaving the two tails dangling.

Step 2: Toss one tail over the shoulder. You can also bring back the tail in the front across another shoulder after you have wrapped it once.


The aforementioned styles are basically for adult people, there are dedicated scarves for boys and girls. You can try them to help your kids look stunning. However, we hope you’ll try any of these different ways next time you wear a scarf to add a variation in your fashion.



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