15 Essential Items for New Makeup Enthusiasts: A Complete Makeup Kit for Beginners

Makeup Kit for Beginners

Are you just planning to step-in into the world of makeup but feeling lost amidst the abundance of products? You don’t need to remain confused for a long time because we will guide you from the basics. We will help you choose the right makeup products for your skin type and color tone. It doesn’t matter even if you start from a scratch because we will drive you through an easy, smooth and straight lane of key makeup staples to fill your makeup bag.

Here are the tips for beginners how to create a basic makeup kit on a budget.


You need to prepare your face before you start applying makeup. It is the initial and a vital step of the whole process. A fine start can give a great makeup finish. You should first clean your face with a face wash or scrub suitable for your skin type and then you need to moisturize the skin. Don’t forget to apply a good SPF.

Face Products:

1. Primer:

Any makeup routine starts with the application of primer. It should be used before you apply your foundation that will prepare a flawless base. It can smooth out skin texture and fill in lines. It also helps stay your makeup for a long time. It can minimize the appearance of large pores, reduce redness too and give a velvety soft skin.

2. BB Tinted Moisturizer:

It is a smart choice for those beginners who have never done makeup before and are just intending to start. It is simple to apply and gives a natural look too.

If tinted moisturizer alone doesn’t give full coverage, you can mix it with moisturizer and foundation to formulate a perfect glowy moisturizer. It is perfect for regular use during summer.

3. Foundation:

Satin, matte, dewy, sheer, full coverage – foundation is found in various formulas in the market. Getting it right is a bit hard. You need to consider a couple of things before you buy it. You should try it on your face to test if it blends properly on your skin type. You have to match the shade with your skin color tone also.

You should apply the foundation using a sponge to avoid a dreaded cakey look because it can absorb the product. Beauty sponge allows you to add the right amount of foundation gradually according to your complexion. You can also wet your sponge to blend foundation finely for a beautiful finish.

4. Concealer:

It can give you a finish like the photoshop edit that everyone seeks for. However, it is the trickiest makeup essential to master for beginners. Concealer for face and eye is different. Under the eyes, you should use a hydrating one to soften any fine lines and hide dark circles. You need to use a denser or drying concealer on your face to cover up pesky blemish, pimples, redness and discoloration.

You have to use a face concealer after you have applied foundation. If you want a light makeup and feel like skipping your foundation, you can only use concealer to spot-conceal and have a flawless look. Concealer comes in liquid, cream and stick in these three forms. You can choose any one of those based on the coverage of your choice.

You should pick two shades lighter concealer than your real skin tone for under-eyes, which can prevent bright white rings and as for the face, pick a one that matches the shade of your foundation.

5. Compact or Pressed Powder:

It is the right thing to use when you are in a hurry and need a quick touch-up. You can always carry it around in your bag as it is so easy and quick to use. It is highly recommended if your skin type is oily or combinational.

6. Blush:

If you apply blush correctly, a gorgeous and youthful glow appears instantly and your face is lift up also. It’s just that you need to choose a right color that can complement your complexion. A too bright color compared to your skin looks loud and fake. Pick a shade that sculpts your cheeks adding a little color to the face, and use good quality brushes when applying blush.

Power blush is more suitable for a beginner. You need to apply it in a soft and circular motion with a gentle and light hand to blend the color. Put a bit onto your nose tip, jawline and hairline for a natural look. Peach, coral or baby pink go well on medium to light skin tones and rose, plum or deeper shades on dusky skin.

7. Highlighter:

Highlighter has been the favorite part of almost everyone’s daily makeup routine nowadays. It will surely enhance your features if used with the right brush set and highlighter. You should apply it to those facial parts of yours that you want to highlight. It comes in various colors from gold to holographic and even black. For beginners, the best choice is a natural color.

Eye Products:

i. Eyeshadow:

The most interesting part of makeup is eyeshadow because you can use your own creativity with this. You can try as many looks as you want using it. Just be careful when buying that the palette is well pigmented and not chalky.

ii. Eyeliner:

It is an essential part of your makeup kit. It is a thing that almost every woman always carries in their bag. For a beginner, it is best to start with a pencil before you move to a liquid eyeliner. It usually defines the eyes and the shape of your eye can be changed even according to your technique of using it.

iii. Mascara:

Mascara can add volume, length and definition to your lashes and tints the color also depending on the brush shape and formula designed to do. It can instantly make your eyes look bright in the morning.

You shouldn’t pump it into the tube because this will let air in and dry out the product faster and can increase bacteria too. Twirl its wand upward lightly to distribute mascara equally all over the wand. You should curl the lashes before you apply mascara. Otherwise, your lashes can break down and the product can come off also with the curler. 

iv. Eyebrows:

As a beginner, you should initiate with brow gel, specially powder shadow and use a coarse brush that applies little product at once. You should pick an eyebrow pen of color brown over black. Deep brown color will look more natural than black because black generally comes out as too intense and dark.

v. Lips:

The choices of lip color are infinite. Lipstick shade can prevent your face looking washed out and also help brighten it up if you pick a good shade of lipstick. You can try less pigmented hues for a start and shift towards bolder shades slowly.

vi. Brush:

Besides all these products, your makeup finish will greatly depend on the brushes you will use. You just need a handful of basic brushes in your starter kit as a beginner rather than so many brushes to start with.

vii. Setting Powder or Spray:

After you have finished your makeup, you need to set it as to help stay and make your makeup long lasting. Otherwise all of your handwork may go in vain. To set your makeup, you can use setting powder, setting spray or both.

If you use a concealer, you should set the area under eyes using a powder, which will not let your concealer move all day and settle into fine lines or wrinkles. A good setting spray keeps the makeup looking fresh throughout a day.

viii. Makeup Bag:

You can keep these makeup products well organized inside a makeup bag rather than leaving scattered, which will make things easier to find when needed. When you are going on a trip, it’s the best solution to carry your makeup products without losing among a pile of things.


Hope these guidelines will help you pick your right makeup tools. Don't always go after only expensive products because being costly doesn't guarantee it that the product will necessarily suit your skin. Always keep in mind that you just need to choose the correct formula and shade for your skin type and color tone.



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