Uses of Safety Helmets: Prevent Head and Brain Injuries

Uses of Safety Helmets Prevent Head and Brain Injuries

There’s no way to deny the importance of wearing a helmet. You’ll come to know the uses of a helmet in different sports and workspace in this part. Keep reading the whole article.

Importance of helmet

Helmets keep you safe when you head outdoor with your bicycle or bike. Head injuries are the reason for the majority of fatalities in bicycle and motorcycle-related accidents.

Wearing a helmet can save you from any head injuries if you ever be involved in any collision.

Wearing helmets has another feature, It can provide protection from the dust, sun rays, or the rain and snow. It may also help your vision of riding a motorcycle or bicycle. 

Another feature of wearing helmets is it protects your face from pollution and dust in riding on a road. Save your skin from being dark in ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Statistics show that those who wear helmets in motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle are less likely to serious head and neck injuries. 

88% of deaths in low or medium-income countries occur because of not wearing helmets. 

Don't forget a helmet can save your life. 

Uses of Helmet

1. Motorcycle Riding

Compared to cars, motorcycles are riskier to be in a crash. According to recent studies, it is determined that wearing helmets in riding a motorcycle is about 37% effective in preventing accidental deaths.

A properly fitted helmet can improve your hearing ability reducing the wind noise.

Motorcycle riders know the distraction from dirt and debris and eye injuries. Wearing helmets can save you from all of these.

2. Bicycle Riding

In the United States, about 800 cyclists die every year and another 500000 go to the hospitals. Head and neck are involved in most of the deaths and injuries. 

Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk by 85%.

Wearing a helmet is obvious to the child riders. We recommend you encourage your child to wear helmets at an early age.

Elders should set an example for the children.

3. Scooter Riding

Bicycle helmets can also be used in scooter riding. Multi-sport helmets are also suitable for scooter riding. 

It wouldn't be wise enough to go on riding a scooter without helmets. Usually, scooters go at a speed of faster than 15 mph. 

Getting an accident at that speed can result in a head or neck injury. 

45% of accidents result in head injuries that can be reduced only by wearing helmets. 

4. Skateboarding

Safety is always the first priority in skateboarding. wearing helmets may feel awkward but it is totally important. 

The main purpose is to protect you from several head injuries especially when you're a beginner. Even if you know the techniques of proper falling, the accident is always an accident.

Wearing a helmet in skateboarding ensures higher visibility and less chance of getting head injuries. Wear helmets in skateboarding and save hospital bills.

Helmets may look odd and be uncomfortable but safety is more important than just being stylish. We suggest you visit your local shop and purchase a stylish helmet.

Bike helmets and the multi-sports helmets are also suitable for skateboarding but you have to make sure that it covers the back of your head. 

5. Construction Projects

Working on a construction site or any workplace containing heavy machinery, you're at high risk of getting head injuries. Protect yourself wearing a safety helmet.

According to the law, wearing safety equipment is mandatory for all employees.

Safety helmets can give complete protection from heavy falling objects. In the oil industry, safety helmets can save you from head injuries caused by slips and falls.

Construction site workers are also provided protection against the sun by the safety helmets. Different helmet colors can signify different roles of a site.

How Does a Helmet Work?

The main purpose of using a helmet is to reduce the risk of brain and head injuries and to reduce the impact of any collision.

It manages the impact by reducing the deceleration of the skull.

The force of the impact is spread by the helmet over a greater area of the surface.

the direct contact between the skull and the object is prevented by a helmet that acts as a mechanical barrier between both. 


After all, it is to state that wearing helmets is a must to the riders of two-wheelers and the construction site workers. Make it a habit and avoid risks.

Teach your kids to wear helmets from an early age. 


What are the helmet standards?

There are several helmet certifications are needed for your helmet. Among them DOT (Department of Transportation), Snell, and the FMVSS(Federal Motor Vehicle Safety) 218 is applicable to all helmets sold in the United States for using on-road.

What happens if you don't wear a helmet?

The main purpose of wearing a helmet is safety. But if you don’t wear a helmet in riding on the road, you may have to pay a fine.

Why can't the crash be prevented?

Crashes don’t happen for your own fault all the time. You may crash on the road for the mistakes of other drivers. This is the reason you need to wear safety equipment no matter how expert you are.



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