Bring Out the Best of Your Wedding Look with These Simple & Artistic Wedding Dress Ideas

Wedding Dresses Ideas

Every girl wants to look the best at her wedding day so that everyone’s eyes keep stuck on her, especially her man can’t take his eyes off her. This is quite obvious if she wants to draw all the attention, after all, she needs to be the star of that day.

So, here I’ll give 16 simple but trendy wedding dresses ideas. See which one you think will look good on you.

Simple & Artistic Wedding Dress Ideas

1. Off-the-shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder Dresses

The off-the-shoulder neckline dresses best go with bohemian, beach and destination wedding themes during summer. This style brings the collarbones and shoulders into the spotlight. But if you have broad shoulders or don’t want to focus your arms, you can convert it into a portrait neckline instead.

2. High Neckline

High Neckline

Among all the bridal styles, this offers the most coverage. You can add illusion details to avoid too buttoned-up feeling, which is common and softens up your sophisticated look.

3. V-Neck Gowns

V-Neck Gowns

Lace complement V-neck dresses really well. This style is a pretty optimal choice for simple plus size wedding gowns. V-necklines can make short people look taller. Your torso appears to be comparatively longer if you wear a V-neck dress.Thus, petite brides can also choose such a variant. This neck type helps to define your beautiful decollete, though the shoulders are not seen. Petite brides also

4. Halter Bridal Gowns

Halter Bridal Gowns

This neckline is quite popular for everyday fashion as well as bridal gowns. Halters show your shoulder that varies from covered to exposed and give you a modern look. Include a keyhole detail for adding an extra pop to the Flair.

5. Short Wedding Dresses

Short Wedding Dresses

The popularity of short wedding dresses is rising with the increasing number of non-traditional brides-to-be. The length differs from tea-length to mini-dresses. If you don’t want to spend hours wearing a long gown, intend to highlight your attractive legs or hit the dancefloor, this will be the best choice.

6. Plunging Neckline

Plunging Neckline

Many bold brides prefer to wear it without illusion paneling, though it generally comes with this panel. If you are planning to wear full sleeves on your wedding day, this style can balance in the coverage.

7. Ball Gowns

Ball Gowns

This is the most traditional style among all the wedding dresses. Ball gowns provide you with a classic bridal look. A fuller skirt along with a tight bodice will give the impression of wider hips, in case your figure is athletic. If you are craving for a fairy-tale moment, it is the all-time favorite wedding gown.

8. Fishtail or Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Fishtail or Mermaid Wedding Dresses

If you want to highlight your body shape, fishtail dresses are the real winners. It highlights the waist and illustrates a pear-shaped silhouette. It’s fitted throughout your hips, torso, and bust and then flares out dramatically. To enhance the bust and frame, choose a compatible neckline.

9. Fit & Flare

Fit & Flare

This is one of the most popular wedding dress styles. The only difference between a mermaid and a fit & flare dress is – fit & flare dresses flare out past the hips and mermaid ones around the knee.

10. A-line Trumpet Dresses

A-line Trumpet Dresses

Trumpet dresses hug your body through the chest, waist, and hips and flare out from the midthigh creating a bell or A-line shape. If you feel the mermaid gown is a bit dramatic for you, take a trumpet gown into account. An A-line silhouette is somehow minimalistic and it generally comes with an illusion bodice that features appliques.

11. Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach Wedding Dresses

Many girls dream of beach weddings. Greek style gowns are well known for beach wedding ceremonies. They are flowing and light without any unnecessary decorations. This dress looks amazing at the beach, but too simple for a traditional wedding. You can do a hairstyle with flowers or wear a flower wreath with it to lift your look.

12. Boho Wedding Attire

Boho Wedding Attire

Bohemian dresses are mostly covered in lace, easy fit, and relaxed, which are the new trend for overseas or summer weddings. They are easy to wear, totally flattering, and perfect for creating a free-spirited, laid back and effortless look. If you want to accentuate your beautiful back and breast line as well, try a V-neckline with this gown since its back is low.

13. Two-piece Wedding Dresses

Two-piece Wedding Dresses

The combination of a voluminous skirt and crop top, a bodysuit and cape are examples of two-piece wedding dresses. This style is unbeatable for those fashion-forward brides-to-be who always want to try something unique and stand out.

14. Chiffon Applique Floor-Length


No wedding dress can be made of chiffon entirely. It is often used as an overlay of a skirt since it is sheer. It is so lightweight, easy to carry, and creates a sensual and graceful look. Chiffon adds texture, and flow, and transforms the appearance of a dress on its own. This type of wedding dress is commonly crafted with applique works to balance out its plain and too much ordinary look.

15. Square Neck Empire Wedding Dresses

Square Neck Empire Wedding Dresses

This style is both elongating, and elegant, and resembles the structure of a square. An angular silhouette is featured resting on the shoulders’ points. If you want to expose more portions of the shoulders, cut the open neckline wider. Empire dresses accentuate your neck and bust as well as slim the shoulders down.

For a fashionable bride-to-be, it is a great choice to show off her fashion sense. The silhouette hugs your bust and floats away from the body to give a dreamy touch. Wear puffy sleeves with it for a whimsical and airy look.

16. Lace Wedding Attire

Lace Wedding Attire

It is one of the best simple options for non-traditional brides. It looks amazing on both petite and tall brides. A trumpet silhouette off-shoulder dress with fantastic lace is one of the most suitable models of simple lace wedding attires.


  1. What style wedding dress is most flattering?

Any style that shows off your most favorite body feature by highlighting it.

  1. What are the wedding dress trends for 2020?

The off-shoulder, floral, sparkling, open-front, corset top

wedding dresses are in trend now.

  1. What is a good budget for a wedding dress?

You should target around $500 for the lovely machine made dresses in synthetic fabrics. But if you are looking for a designer dress made of natural fabric that includes hand detailing, be prepared to pay $2000 at least.

  1. What style wedding dress is slimming?

The mermaid style gives an hourglass look instantly.



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